Volunteer Services

If you love Ingham County Parks and want to have fun while making a difference, we welcome all volunteers, individuals, and groups! Opportunities are available at all 3 of our units (Burchfield, Hawk Island, and Lake Lansing). We offer flexible outings for groups or individuals of all ages!
Volunteer of the Year Recipients
2000 - Jackie Lawrence
2001 - Pat Clone
2002 - Ed Gillespie
2003 - Mason High School Senior Class
2004 - James Spackman
2005 - Alfreda Schmidt 
2006 - Aengus McIntosh
2007 - Virginia White
2008 - Dave Card, Martha Davidson, Vince Gebes, Curt Munson, Helen & Howard Tanner, and F.T. "Doc" & Sally Wallace
2009 - Leslie Kuhn
2010 - Michael McDonald & Dennis Propst
2011 - Damian Redman
2012 - Chris Reidy
2013 - John Hesse
2014 - Mason Optimist Club
2015 - Anne Grofvert
2016 - Millie Boynton and Mike Collins
2017 - Jim Hewitt and Laurie Kaufman
2018 - Barnes Aerospace
2019 / 2020 - Band Shell Committee
We would love to add your name to the list! Please join our great volunteers in their efforts to improve and protect our valuable park spaces!

Steps to volunteering
1. Choices!
 Whether your an individual looking for options or a representative looking to set up group project-we have options for you! We offer single projects for individuals or groups, school-group projects, and open and willing to work with volunteers on committing to a season-long project.
Contact Us! Please email Ian Londo, Assistant Park Manager at ilondo@ingham.org for more information or call 517-676-2233. We then can assist you in registering for an upcoming scheduled project or we can help create a project that fits to you or your groups interests and schedule.
3. Have Fun!
 Our volunteers have fun while improving the parks and communties around them!

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For Ingham County Parks volunteer projects and services a signed Waiver is required for all volunteers! [Waivers will be made available at site locations] A parent or guardian must accompany Minor volunteers. 
*A waiver link will be added in the future to allow for easier access and reference*

"Here in Ingham County we are blessed to have such a wonderful parks system. There's incredible diversity in what each of our parks has to offer in this area. We were looking to give back, both personally as well as professionally, to the local parks as token of appreciation for what we have. It's easy to just see what the parks are and forget how much work goes in to providing such a beautiful space for families and the community to enjoy. We are thankful for the partnership with local park management and look forward to continuing the work we've put in to our community!"

-Kirk Byrens

Ingham County Parks

Burchfield- http://parks.ingham.org/parks/burchfield.php

Hawk Island- http://parks.ingham.org/parks/hawk_island.php

Lake Lansing
Boat Launch-http://parks.ingham.org/parks/lake_lansing_boat_launch.php


Ingham County Parks and its local partners are dedicated to working with the community to explore the natural world and to inspire tomorrow's land stewards through education and involvement.  Together, we will continue to restore the natural splendor of our parks for the enjoyment of generations to come.  Funding for stewardship is provided by the Friends of Ingham County Parks

Our stewardship efforts are primarily completed by volunteers.  Looking for opportunities to learn about nature and to improve your favorite park?  We offer flexible volunteer outings for groups and individuals of all ages, please e-mail ilondo@ingham.org for volunteer opportunities or to learn how you can get involved! 

As a result of on-going stewardship efforts in Ingham County Parks informational signs have been posted around the parks.  Want to know what to plant to keep deer out of your backyards?  Click on the Deer Resistant Native Plant Garden FAQ link below.   Want some information on how a rain garden works?  Click on Rain Garden FAQs below.




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