Special Events

Special Events
A Special Event Application and Certificate of Insurance are required to hold events such as 5K walk/runs, triathlons, large gatherings and other special events at Ingham County Parks. Please call 517-244-7185 in advance to reserve a date.

All Special Event reservations are pending Park Manager approval.

Please download the Policy and Application below for your event. If, after reviewing the appropriate policy, you have questions contact the Parks Department for more information by calling 517-244-7185.

Please mail the finished applications as well as a Certificate of Insurance to the Ingham County Parks Department at P.O. Box 178, Mason, Michigan 48854 or FAX the application to 517-244-7190.

Special Event Fees
Fees and Deposits:
For events taking place within the confines of a picnic shelter (within the shelter's rated capacity), the normal rental fee shall apply and be due two weeks from the date the reservation is made. For any shelter made unavailable for rent to the general public by the event, the normal rental fee shall apply and be due two weeks from the date the reservation is made, regardless of whether the shelter is being used by the event.

A deposit of up to $500 may be required for a person reserving a shelter or park area, if that person or group has failed to follow Parks Department Rules and Regulations in the past or violated this policy during a previous event at an Ingham County Park. Deposits, when required, must be made in cash or certified check payable to the Ingham County Parks Department and are due at least ten (10) days in advance of the event.

Deposits will be retained by the Parks Department to cover payment of any labor and/or material costs incurred by the Parks Department which are directly related to the event and which are outside of normally budgeted Parks Department expenses. The balance of the deposit shall be returned, less any costs associated as described in this paragraph. If costs exceed the deposit amount, the sponsor shall be billed for the difference.

Parking Fee:
Please note there is a per vehicle entrance fee of $3 for residents and $5 for non-residents at Lake Lansing South, Lake Lansing North, Hawk Island, and Burchfield Park. No vehicle entrance fees is collected one hour prior to the Friday night Band Shell concert at Lake Lansing South.

All three pages of the Special Event Application must be completed and mailed/faxed to the Ingham County Parks Department Office 60 days prior to the date of the proposed event. All information and required documentation must be received no later than 30 days prior to the date of the event.

The Special Event Policy explains the standards and requirements in detail and is an twelve page PDF document.

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