Dog Places

Dogs are allowed at Hawk Island, Burchfield Park, Lake Lansing North, and Lake Lansing South on a leash of 6 feet or less at all times and under the immediate control of a responsible person as detailed below.

At Burchfield Park: You may take your dogs on the trails up to Deer Run Shelter. (There is a sign posted at that point).  Dogs are allowed in canoes/kayaks, however, they are counted as a person.  You must keep your pet out of the pond and off the beach. Dogs are allowed in picnic areas and the ballfield.  Dogs are allowed at Overlook shelter as long as they remain on a leash. Dogs are allowed on entire disc golf course.

At Hawk Island:
Allowed in the park (with the exception of the area between our playground and our concessions stand, which comprises our beach and splash pad area).

At McNamara Canoe Landing: You may take your dogs on the trails up to the cutoff.  (There are signs posted at that point).

At Lake Lansing Park North:
You may take your dogs on the trails.

At Lake Lansing Park South: Allowed in the park (with the exception of the concession area, beach area, playgrounds, or in any buildings).

At Lake Lansing Boat Launch: Dogs must remain on leash from parking lot until getting into the boat.

Soldan Dog Park
The park is located just north of Hawk Island County Park. The dog park's main entrance is through the park. You may also access the park from the west off the River Trail in Scott Woods.  Drive to the very north end of Hawk Island parking area, and then walk a short distance (with your dog(s) on-leash), past the Hawk Island Maintenance Building, to the main entrance of the Soldan Dog Park which is an off-leash park. Click HERE for information on purchasing a key FOB to access the park.

Dogs are not allowed at:
The Riverbend Natural Area of Burchfield Park

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